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Our Staff

The following dates reflect the longevity of staff at Purpose School. We are proud of our experienced staff and their commitment to the students at Purpose School. All staff is CPR, First Aid, and Epi-Pen trained.

​Kristie Colwell, Director

Kristie Colwell joined the Purpose School in November 2000. She was the Director of The Children's Place at the Navy Yard for four years before joining the Purpose School. Before becoming the Director at the Navy Yard, she was a toddler and preschool teacher. Kristie holds a teaching degree from Wheelock College and is certified to teach pre-K through sixth grade.



​Katie Hunt,

Assistant Director

Katie Hunt joined the Purpose School Staff in 1998. A graduate of Salem State College, she taught primary grades in the Medford Public School System for six years. After raising her sons, she returned to the field of Early Childhood Education. She earned her certification as Director and joined the Purpose School as Assistant Director and Lead Teacher in the Beginning's Room. After 22 years in the Beginnings Room, Katie is now working in the office part-time.

​​Teaching Staff at Purpose School

Teaching Teams 2023.jpg

​​​Joined the Purpose School Team in.....

Sherry Cefalo - 1995
Sue Grafton- 2022
Jill Generazzo- 2022
Tayla Silva- 2022
Marylou Farnam- 1993
Annie Kilty- 2012
Debbie Harvey - 2020
Jean Lumb - 1997
Rita Murphy - 2006
Mary Romeo - 1999
Peggy Shea - 1998
Andrea Zipper - 2012

Substitute Teachers

​Joined the Purpose School Team in...
Kim Cabral- 2020
Sue Grafton- 2022
Barbara Peduto- 1985
Jeanne LoVetere- 1998
Gwen Dussault- 2022
Gina Lombardi- 2015
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