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Our History

Purpose School welcomes all children who are ages two years and nine months to six years.  We are proud of our student population, which is currently comprised of children from Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, Melrose, Medford, Woburn, and surrounding communities.

Purpose School is located in the First Congregational Church in Stoneham.  We do not have a religious affiliation with the church.  We do not discriminate in providing services to children and families on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, national origin, gender, marital status, or any other category protected by law.

In 1943, Reverend Mark Strickland had a dream of providing a community service for mothers who were busy working in the defense industry or volunteering in the war effort. In September of 1943, that dream became a reality. In 1962 the addition that now contains Purpose School was built. Because of the dedication of teachers and directors, that dream continues to be fulfilled some 80 years later.

The goals of Purpose School have remained the same over the years. In 1955, director Mrs. Morrill pointed out the necessity of focusing on the development of the whole child - physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. She described the preschool age child as follows: "He is acquiring a great mass of information, broadening his range of interest, improving his skills and learning the techniques of solving problems. The Purpose School program offers a broad preparatory program to develop readiness for learning. This program affords children a natural opportunity for language development, manipulating materials, sensing meanings and relationships, developing work habits and attending social maturity. The teachers help the children learn to work and play together."

Ultimately the success of a preschool program depends on the relationship between teachers, children and parents - teachers who love what they do, children who thrive in a nurturing and caring atmosphere and parents who appreciate and encourage their children's growth. We are proud to offer that special relationship still today.

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